The ONE secret you need to know if you want to do it all

There are quite a few things I miss about life before baby, like being able to drop everything for a cuppa whenever I want to. This afternoon I spent almost three hours trapped under a sleeping baby, whose desperate need to catch up on sleep was far more important than my need to top up on caffeine!

However for everything that seems worse, there’s something else that is better…

Before baby I “didn’t have time” to read (or rather I chose to do other things… but that’s a whole other blog post!) but at Christmas I invested in a Kindle and thanks to night feeds I’ve read more books in the past two months than I did in the whole of 2015!

My current read is ‘Will It Fly’ by Pat Flynn, and as instructed (who am I to argue with Pat?!) I asked some of the wonderful women in my life for feedback on what my ‘superpower’ might be. If you’re feeling a bit crappy I definitely recommend this as a pick me up strategy!!!

So one lovely lovely friend suggested that my superpower is to “get it all done, calmly, even when things get complicated.”

Last year I got married, had a baby, bought a house, grew my business and held down a day job… as well as taking care of my health through what was a difficult pregnancy at times.

I did it all…

…or did I?!

I’m going to let you into a little secret…

The truth is by the end of the year I had done it all, BUT I hadn’t done it all at once.

There were months where my business was top priority, and other months where I looked after my 1:1 clients and did sod all else. The month of my wedding most other things went out of the window. And when I had a baby and moved house in the same week I didn’t bother thinking about anything else.

I “did it all” by prioritising one or two things at a time.

If I’d tried to do everything I wouldn’t have done anything other than sit in a dark corner, rocking slowly, wishing the world would go away! I’ve been there before and that is not a fun way to spend any amount of time.

I’ll admit when you start taking this approach it’s scary letting things go for a little while… but once you get over the fear it is AMAZING for your sanity and your productivity!

All you need to know is what you want to achieve, and then make a decision about which one or two of them are going to be your priorities this week or this month.

As one area of life gets quieter you can reassess your priorities and pick up something else.

And the more you practice the easier it gets. These days my life is so unpredictable it makes it so much easier to still get things done and feel like I’m making progress.

And that is the secret to getting it all done… just don’t try to do it all at once!

What are your one or two priorities right now? And what are you going to pick up later? Share your answers with the rest of us in the comments!

Stopping is scary… But it’s better than boring! 

This week I hit a wall of tiredness. The kind of tiredness that makes me think of the times I’ve waded through the mud at Glastonbury Festival… all sticky, gloopy and a complete and utter nightmare to try and get through. 

When my head is in that place my default mode has always been to try and keep going regardless. Push through. 

In the moment it seems like a good idea to keep going. I have things I’m excited about and want to do. I have momentum. I have deadlines.

The idea of stopping is scary. What if I can’t get started again? What if I can’t get things finished? What if I let people down? The risks of stopping seem huge. So I keep going. 

The ‘What ifs…’ might feel scary but in reality what happens when I’m tired isn’t much better…

I start doing things that suck. My creativity and inspiration go into hibernation. I lose my voice, and all things bland and boring take its place. 

And if that’s not bad enough I stop believing in myself. I start questioning my ideas and wonder if they’re completely crazy. I ask myself “Who am I to think I can do this?!”

This week I’ve been challenged to change my perspective. Change the question from “What would I lose if I stopped?” to “What might I gain?”

What could I gain from switching off for a day? No work. No email. No Facebook. 

Maybe I might have a bit more energy. My brain might get back in gear. I might enjoy what I’m doing again and produce better work as a result. Perhaps it would just mean that I hadn’t spent a day doing work that was so crap I would have to do it all over again… I wouldn’t waste a day AND I would be rested. Sounded good to me.

So I stopped. And it was lovely.

I might be a bit behind where I planned to be, but I don’t think ploughing on through the tiredness would have made a blind bit of difference to that. The world is still turning, no one died and I didn’t waste time doing stuff I was disappointed in.

What’s more I now have a bit more energy, the spark of excitement about doing things differently has reignited… and my self-belief is back!

How about you? Next time you know you need to give yourself a break are you going to ask yourself “What am I going to lose?” and push on ahead? Or are you going to take a moment to ponder “What might I gain?” 

I am not crap. I just did something crap.

I don’t know about you but I’m prone to the odd over-exaggeration. Usually about myself. And usually when this are going wrong.

“I am crap. I am stupid. I am useless.”

All words I can be heard uttering when something I’m working on has fallen apart.

Some how I forget about all the things I have done right in the past. All the big and little things that mean not only have I kept myself alive and functioning for over three decades (with a little help from others along the way!) but I’ve also achieved some brilliant things in life and work, and had lots of fun too.

But in that moment that ONE thing has gone wrong and I write myself off in the moment. ONE little thing (and when you think about a life time it will be pretty damn little in the grand scheme of things) and I have labelled myself as crap, stupid and useless.

Something has recently clicked to make me realise just how out of proportion my reactions are to things going badly.

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Banishing procrastination with babies & guinea pigs

I’m writing this at possibly the worst time, after very little sleep (while baby who has finally decided to get some zzzzz sleeps on me!) but the point is that I am writing it.

There is a risk my near-zombie state sees this descend into total and utter gobbledegook, but I committed to write a blog post this week and I am determined to follow through.

But I almost didn’t. I almost wimped out. I almost whipped out the “I have an 8 week old baby excuse” (which to be fair is a pretty damn good excuse, but not one that’s going to help me quit the day job!)

Thankfully I have been learning over the past year or so that “good enough” is actually okay. Something is better than nothing. There’s no point in having an idea if it stays an idea, and if making it happen means putting something imperfect into the world it’s still better than doing nothing.

Although it has taken me over a year to fully put that theory into action. So here I am. Finally!

And that’s what I want to share with you today…

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How to get everything you want in 2016

“But this wasn’t the plan for 2015!!!”

Back in January 2015 I was pretty damn clear about what I wanted to have achieved by now. I was getting married in March, and once the wedding planning was done it was going to be full steam ahead to get my coaching business to the point where I could quit my day job. I was going to get to exactly where I wanted to be so we could think about starting a family, but life had other ideas…

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